Our company, CERES Gazdasági Tanácsadó és Felszámoló Kft. (Reg.: 14-09-306648; Tax number: 13615635-2-14; Headquarters: 8600 Siófok, Fő tér 10/B., A. lph. 1. em. 2. door) was founded in 1992, and since 1994 we have been continuously performing liquidation, accounting and economic consulting activities. Zsolt Pápai has been the managing director of our company since 2017.

The liquidation proceedings, which are its main activity, are carried out by the company in accordance with the several times amended Act XLIX of 1991 on bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation proceedings. in accordance with the provisions of the law, based on a court appointment. Since its establishment in 1992, our company has completed approximately 2,000 liquidation procedures. Our company has a branch office in every Court's operational area, so its liquidation activities cover the entire territory of Hungary.

In addition to liquidation activities, our company has completed approximately 400 liquidation procedures with legal effect, the greater part of which was the performance of the position of liquidator appointed by the company court during company legality procedures. Of course, our organization undertook and undertakes to provide settlement activities on the basis of a mandate.

CERES Kft. was appointed by the competent county courts several times to conduct property settlement procedures, and we fully fulfilled these tasks.
In addition to the main scope of activities, we also undertake individual assignment consulting in economic and procedure-related issues.
Our company's employees are professionals with several years of professional experience, and the competence of our liquidation commissioner colleagues also extends to additional areas of liquidation procedures (law, economics, accounting). Our employees all have adequate knowledge and experience, and they ensure their readiness by participating in continuous training. Their professional skills and routine, as well as the operation of our company since 1994, guarantee the efficient conduct and conclusion of procedures.



  • Dr. Magdolna Vass
  • Dr. Eszter Csobánci 
  • András Ecsédi
  • Zsolt Pápai

Central email address:

Central telephone:
06 70-385-4742

Place of central administration and mailing address:
Tahi utca 79/A, 1135 Budapest. ground floor 3.

The managing director of the company:
Zsolt Pápai
06 70 618-8251